The PARCC is here in full force.  Some parents have opted out.  That is; they have "Refused" to allow their children to take the test.  They are not alone.  Parents statewide and nationwide are "Refusing" in increasing numbers.  In some districts, the overwhelming majority of parents have joined this movement, citing that they must protect their children from the debilitating and expensive testing frenzy that has been imposed or legislated around the country.

There are many expected and reported glitches.   In Plainfield, schools have moved forward with the testing and members also report some concerns about the test, the testing environment and some technical issues.  Despite the concerns, our members are  working with administration to do whatever is needed to help our students have the best experience possible.  While testing goes on, there is good news--NJEA is on the move and legislation passed in the NJ Assembly to slow the application of PARCC results in evaluations.  Read more and take action at

If you have concerns, be sure to reach out to your building Reps and Unit Reps.  We need your feedback!


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